iPhone Dock Projector for Video and Movie Zoom

One of the good things about iPhones today is their awesome video capability. Still, no matter how clear the videos, no matter how deep the colors, and no matter how enjoyable the movie, there’s one limitation: the size. The size and quality of your videos are largely dependent on the size of your phone’s screen. Don’t you just feel bad about the good movies and videos in your phone that you cannot enjoy simply because the screen is too small? With the new iPhone dock projector, you can already enjoy your videos without limitations on screen size.

The iPhone dock projector is actually a two-in-one device: it’s a dock and it’s a handheld pico projector. It can hold any iPhone model, iPod (iPod Video, iPod 5th Generation, and all versions of iPod Touch), and practically anything with VGA and composite video output. Once you dock your gadget into this projector, all you have to do is find a blank wall to see the videos that you have saved on the phone on a sixty inches screen with 640 x 480 display resolution. And for the ultimate movie-watching experience, the device comes with built-in speakers. It’s powered by a lithium ion battery that lasts up to 2.5 hours. The device also serves as a charger. It can charge your gadgets when you dock them onto the projector.

When it comes to a super-fun video experience right from your iPhone, the iPhone dock projector is the perfect partner of your gadget. You can find it at $399.99 only here!

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