IPEVO Tubular Bluetooth Speakers

With products from CES heating up the gadget world making us swipe our cards again, be sure to take control and know which one to choose. You might get into the latest iPod docks that might get your attention but think of your needs too. If you have an iPhone, putting it in a dock could be convenient because of charging but also removes you the freedom of using your device. It would certainly be a hassle of frequently docking your iPhone and removing it again every time someone sends you a text or email.

Bluetooth speakers on the other hand gives you the benefit of wireless connectivity for up to 30 meters, like the featured tubular bluetooth speakers from IPEVO. It gives you the freedom to text your friends or surf the internet while having your music streamed. Your phone itself acts as the remote giving you full navigation instead of using the remote control that came with your speakers where the most you can do is change the volume, skip tracks and a few other controls.

The tubular speakers has 3+3 watts of power which is sufficient for a small room. You could bring this thing anywhere since the two tubes can connect with one another with only a total weight of 270 grams which could easily fit in your bag or purse. The charging cord and the single audio jack winds up in a rubber spool underneath the tube so you never get to lose those cables again and ready whenever you need them. You can also use this with any other phone, laptop, or computer.

For just $79, get your Tubular Bluetooth Speakers here.

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