Intuit GoPayment and mophie marketplace Delivers Mobile Credit Card Solution for iPhone

Out of the thousands upon thousands of iPhone apps, accessories, outfits and clip-on’s, who would have thought that something sort of a cash register and a credit card terminal would be one of them? But you know what they say – if there’s a demand, the market will respond. Small businesses must have been demanding pretty a lot for a complete credit card solution for Intuit Inc. and mophie to take action. They just released an all-in-one gadget that enables small businesses to easily process credit card payments via the Apple iPhone. The Complete Credit Card Solution for iPhone is a mobile app and hardware package that provides everything small businesses need for on-the-go payments. It joined together Intuit’s GoPayment credit card processing app and easy to activate merchant account with the mophie marketplace credit card reader.

Intuit GoPayment is a fast and straightforward application designed to let merchants start processing credit cards on their iPhones in as little as 15 minutes. Adding the small, clip-on mophie marketplace card reader with GoPayment helps merchants save time and do more by securely swiping credit cards instead of entering numbers by hand. After swiping the card, data is immediately encrypted using Intuit’s industry-standard security methods. Customers then authorize the payment by signing their name on the iPhone touch screen. The merchant in the end sends them an e-mail or text receipt. GoPayment automatically processes the credit card within seconds the payment is deposited into the merchant’s bank account.

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