Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wireless IP Camera

Do you often use the computer like I do? I mean, like 16 hours a day, on which at least 4 hours of it are spent on video call. If you are in the same boat as mine, then you must have experienced feeling so lazy to do house chores, like vacuuming, whenever you’re glued on the computer, having a nice video call with a friend or a loved one. Nothing to worry about if there are other people inside the house to do it, like in my case. But if none, then you must equip yourself with a gadget that can allow you to communicate with friends and loved ones while keeping your floors clean – a gadget like the Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wireless IP Camera.

The robot vacuum cleaner with IP WiFi enabled camera is an intelligently designed vacuum cleaner that does more than just cleaning. It actually enables you to see who’s there and speak and be seen when talking to family and friends with its IP WiFi enable camera with mic. It comes with a 360 degree pan, an IP camera that can be tilted, onboard mic, software CD, and user-friendly instructions manual. It’s very easy to use; just like in doing other tasks, preparation is the key to be able to use this product correctly. Just a piece of reminder though: this robot vacuum cleaner does not empty itself, so you must clean its dust bin after every cleaning cycle.

So why don’t you let the Intelligent Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wireless IP Camera come into your home? It’ll certainly do the cleaning a lot easier for you. But if you want to look at more options, here are other vacuum robot products available at

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