Intel Learning Series’ Clamshell Classmate PC – Education and Technology for All

If you thought Intel is just another tech company full of nothing but bits and bytes, then think again. Underneath that entire silicon wafer and billions of transistors is a heart of gold – so to speak. For the unaware, Intel for some time now has been offering reference designs for education through the compilation of hardware, software and services designed particularly for learning. Under their Learning Series program, Intel aims to deal with the current education technology needs around the globe.

By conducting widespread ethnographic research and design, considering low cost options yet adding Intel quality innovation, and collaborating with different local computer vendors and manufacturers abroad, Intel managed to came up with the new Intel-powered 10-inch display clamshell classmate PC. This classroom-friendly notebook can easily transform from clamshell form factor to touch-screen tablet with a swivel screen for instant sharing of contents, an ideal design for a classroom environment. The latest classmate PC is based on Intel architecture and is powered by Atom processors. The learning experience is further enhanced by the finest suite of eLearning software applications like classroom collaboration, access management, a child-friendly desktop, and a webcam. Furthermore, this portable netbook features doubled storage capacity and a larger display and keyboard as compared to ordinary consumer range netbooks. It is also tougher with its rugged design to ensure to withstand day to day travel and classroom use. Both faculties and students can benefit from the classroom netbook’s fast and stable Internet connections using 802.11b/g/n WiFi and an expansion slot for 3G connectivity.

Visit this link to know more about Intel Learning Series.

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