Instant Info Every Morning with the Talking Apple Clock

How do you like to be greeted every morning by a lady, telling you politely what time it is and what the temperature is? We’re not talking about your mom here; we’re talking about the new talking apple clock—a stylish addition to your bedroom!

This clock is just like any other alarm clock out there, except it’s more stylish and more functional. First, the clock is designed like an apple with a stalk. It’s offered in colors green and white, paired with a blue LED display that looks real sexy. The clock will tell you both the time and the temperature, in a lady’s voice, every hour. The temperature can either be in Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on what you prefer. The clock will tell you the same information when you press on its stalk. It also features five different alarm sounds that will surely wake you up just when you need to. For you to get all the benefits of this clock, all you have to do is to power it with two AAA batteries.

The talking apple clock measures 9 x 8 x 5.5 cm. It is ideal for kids and adults alike (those aged eight years and above). It’s a unique addition to your bedside table because of its great looks and cool function. It’s also ideal as a gift to your loved ones. And, you can get it for only 8.99 Euro. So if you want a reliable alarm clock that will accent your bedroom, the talking apple clock is the ideal choice.

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