Innergie mCube Mini Auto and Air Power Adapter – Power Anywhere

You all know that laptop is a personal computer made for mobility. With mobility in mind, it is a good point to remember that even the most modern and top of the line laptop’s rechargeable battery lasts only for up to 12 hours; a regular laptop, about 4-6 hours and that’s stretching it. See a movie or play a game and you effectively cut the battery life in half. How about a New York to Atlanta road trip? 9 hours. London to Hawaii? A whooping 18 hours 56 minutes plane ride. If you do the math, you’ll definitely need to bring your laptop power adapter with you. Then again, if you travel a lot, you know that even an extra adapter here and there, and an extra weight, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is an unwelcome luggage.

Enter the Innergie mCube Mini – the world’s smallest Auto and Air Laptop Adapter made for the frequent traveler’s laptop. It possesses an innovative charging solution packed in the smallest form factor possible. The mCube Mini can recharge almost all laptops requiring up to 65 watts power from any 12V or 15V cigarette lighter socket found in cars and airplanes, and even from EmPower aviation sockets as well. It features an Adjustable Output Voltage system from 15-21 Volts sources for maximum compatibility. As an added feature, it has a special design USB power port to recharge standard USB devices. This high efficiency adapter has a Multi Built-in Protections deemed safe for use inside planes and duly certified by RTCA.

Click here to get your own Innergie mCube.

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