Infinite USB Memory Device – Never Run Out of Flash Disk Space Again

Videos, photos, word and excel documents, PowerPoint presentations, and MP3s. These are just some of the files that you either store in your USB flash drive for future use or for transfer to other devices like your laptop or digital player.

Yes, this may be small in size, but this can be very helpful because of its wide variety of uses. But just like any other device, the memory of a USB flash drive can also get full. So, you’ll have no choice but to delete some files or get a new one if you want to save more.

But why delete or get another if you can pretty much enjoy having a USB flash drive that has unlimited storage capacity? Believe it or not, soon you will never run out of flash disk space again. Thanks to Infinitec’s Infinite USB Memory Device!

The Infinite USB Memory Device will sure change the perception of many that USB flash drives run out of memory because this one does not. As its name implies, the Infinite USB Memory Device will provide you with infinite gigabytes of storage. So, no more deleting of files or getting another flash drive again.

Plus, this device allows you to stream media to any USB equipped gadget such as your gaming consoles, home theater system, DVD player, and more. No need to burn movies and music to CDs or DVDs just to enjoy them. Simply transfer these files wirelessly using the Infinite USB Memory Device and you’re good to go.

Unveiling of this product, however, will be on March 1, 2010. So, for now, if you are in dire need of a new flash drive, better check out other USB flash drives at first.

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