Illuminated Drinks Fountain

Geekiegadgets has already featured numerous items and gadgets that could spice up your party. There are music amps, speakers, light shows, even a crazy way of serving drinks to your beloved guests. But how about for a party that doesn’t include much of trashing and booze? Much like a social gathering of friends. Then here is the Illuminated Drinks Fountain.

This drinks fountain could be a nice centerpiece for your buffet table decoration. Its nice color gives your drink a mystical color that works great for a dim environment setting since putting this on bright lights would entirely ruin the effect. You just have to put a punch or any drink for that matter and see it go up and down the tiers. You just have to turn on the pump and fill the bottom bowl slowly. Let it pump the drink that you placed up to first tier then to the second till it cascades down back to the base bowl. Add drinks continuously until maximum capacity has been reached.

Each set includes the fountain set (one base bow, first level tier, and second level tier), five spouts, and five cups. Everything is made up of high quality crystalline plastic so you don’t have to worry about weight or fragility of the fountain. You can attach the spout on the second tier bowl so that no ladle is needed for your guests to fill their cups. Now that’s a cool way of serving drinks five persons at a time!

Get the drinks flowing with the Illuminated Drinks Fountain!

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