Illoom Balloons – Not Your Ordinary Balloons

When you hear the word “balloons”, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Kids? Party? Occasion? Celebration? Ordinary day? Well, whatever it is, here are some balloons that go beyond the ordinary. Although they are similar to the ordinary type in terms of shape and size, but there’s one feature that sets them apart from the rest – and that is they glow in the dark. Yes, you can really see them even if it’s dark! So what are these balloons? They are no other than Illoom Balloons!

Simply put, iloom balloons are balloons that light up. Each contains LED light and includes a tab that needs to be pulled in order to activate the light. Once activated, the balloon will stay lit for up to 15 hours. Brilliant, isn’t it? So, for those thinking about throwing a party, these are the perfect geek gadgets for you. Everyone will sure be amazed with these lighted balloons. They come in different colors like red, blue, pink, white, green, and purple.

But aside from using them in parties, they can also be used outdoors like for example garden wedding receptions, family gatherings, and more. And to make them more fun, just fill them up with helium so they’ll turn in to fully floating lighted balloons. Try them this Valentines’ Day. Surprise your girlfriend or spouse with a special garden dinner and red illoom balloons on the side.

So, where to get them? They are available right here, with the 5 pack red for only £3.99. For other choices, you have 15 pack blue, 15 pack mixed colours, 15 pack pink/white/purple, and 3 packs of 5 balloons red for £8.99.

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