iKit AutoCon FM Transmitter – Your Song, Your Choice, Your Car

When driving the down interstate highway late at night and you’re trying to fight the sleepy feeling that comes along with a long drive or a tiring day at work, the last thing you would want to hear playing on the radio are lullabies. Imagine that you’re using every ounce of your strenght to stay awake and suddenly the radio plays something from the Selected Ambient Works Volumes. So much for safe late night driving. Well why don’t you be you own DJ and play your choice of pretty sick pump up songs that will blow your stupor away like: The Final Countdown by Europe, We Are The Champions played by Queen, Thunder unleashed by AC/DC, and Born to Be Wild made popular by Steppenwolf. And the perfect way to play your music through your own car stereo is the world’s first fully functional touch screen display AutoCon FM Transmitter with Handsfree feature. This neat piece of gadget allows you to take control of your MP3 player in your car and be your own highway DJ. The built in FM Transmitter has an integrated rapid auto scan technology that lets you play your iPod or mp3 music through your car radio with high quality crisp sound and no interference. It has its very own Autocharge USB car charger comes with the package, giving you powerful rapid charge functionality and eliminates the chance of losing power. With this FM transmitter gadget you can Play, Pause, control Volume and Track skip through the unique touch screen control, which also displays the current song and library control. This product a must have for your iPhone, iPod, MP3 player and long boring rides. Oh, it’s not only an FM Transmitter, but also a Handsfree kit that can answer your calls on your iPhone wirelessly.

More FM transmitter for your iPod and other music players can be found here.

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