iGala Wi-Fi Linux Based Photo Frame

What sets iGala Wi-Fi Linux Based Photo Frame apart from its competitors? Well this digital photo frame contains a brain inside its rectangular head. So unlike its competition that only accepts memory cards and shows images, this one allows users to utilize a touchscreen interface in configuring the iGala so it can connect to your wi-fi network. Once connected, the iGala can now perform different tasks such as displaying e-mailed photos in the unit’s high resolution 800×600 screen and logging in to your Gmail account.

With the iGala, you can automatically pull your photos from Flicker and you can easily connect to Windows Live Framelt or FrameChannel in case you want a web based interface to push news, photos, and traffic to your frame automatically. Both the Framelt and FrameChannel are customizable web service platforms that manage the efficient delivery of personalized content to wireless digital picture frames. Since this device is basically a mini touchscreen computer that runs on Linux, you are no longer required to use a PC.

However, you are not obliged to utilize either of the said services because the iGala Wi-Fi Linux Based Photo Frame is completely capable of receiving images that are sent through email and it can handle Flickr RSS feeds of photos all on its own. Other features of this device are USB mass storage connectivity, clock and alarm function, and MP3 support so users can play their favorite tunes. It also comes equipped with 110V/250V AC adapter and 1GB internal memory that stores more than 5,000 images. Affiliate Code: Click here and get yourself an iGala Wi-Fi Linux Based Photo Frame now.

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