iBookend – Giving iPad a More Practical Use

Just a few days ago, I’ve written here about “Joule”, the new work stand for iPad. It’s really a cool gadget accessory to have especially when watching movies using the iPad. But aside from this, there are other iPad accessories being introduced in the market. And so for today, I’ll talk about one accessory that will turn the iPad more as a practical gadget than a techie one. Curious? Well, you’re not alone. I’m sure those who already have an iPad or planning to buy one at some point would love to read about this new gadget called the iBookend.

The iBookend is something that gives practical use for the iPad. You see, even before this gadget came around, people are already into reading books. Some even collect and keep their books lined up on the shelf. And so if you are among them and you think you need a more practical use for your iPad, then you can use it with this iBookend to organize those books. It’s true that the iPad will be among the best entertainment and mobile Internet devices ever. But who knows until when it’ll last. So it’s sure a “useful” thing if the iPad can also be used for a practical purpose with this iBookend.

I know, you won’t think about this accessory much if you plan on using your iPad more often than the usual – to view movies, photos, connect to the Internet, and more. But there’s no harm in considering to have one either. So better check this one out.

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