iANGLE – The iPhone/iPod Touch Stand and Earbud Holder in One

Going on a long road trip can be very boring especially if you are not fond of doing so. But if you have your iPod or iPhone with you, it would be totally different. Why? Because aside from allowing you to listen to cool music, your iPhone or iPod also allows you to watch movies even on the go. Isn’t it great? But it won’t be too exciting if you keep on finding the best placement so you can balance your iPod or iPhone for a premium viewing angle. Good thing there is now a solution to your dillema – the iANGLE.

The iANGLE is mainly a stand for your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can simply place it on the dash board, leaving your hands free to munch on those snacks or do some paperwork. It balances perfectly, so you get to enjoy a perfect viewing angle even when you are on a road trip.

Now, who says you can’t enjoy a great movie using your iPhone or iPod without having to hold it during the entire trip? Because with the iANGLE, that’s very much possible. And here’s more, it also works as an ear bud holder! So, if you are constantly bothered by the extra work of untangling your headphones from the knots created when you put them inside your bag, the iANGLE will resolve that in an instant. It works perfectly as an earbud holder, so no more worries of untangling them every time.

Boring road trip and tangled earphones? Say goodbye to them, get the iANGLE – iPhone / iPod touch Stand and Earbud holder now!

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