i.Sound Crystal Ice Speakers

After buying a music player, you might not be just contented with listening your tunes over your headphones. You suddenly feel like buying a set of speakers. If you own an iPod, you could be tempted to buy a “designed for iPod” speaker. However, you should also try to look for compatibilities for other audio devices such as if a 3.5mm jack is present. A nice design would be a plus while quality audio is a must.

Looking at the i.Sound Crystal Speakers, its tiny package could make people think that anything that comes out of this would sound like squeaks. I mean, who would think that these babies measuring 5.75 x 8 x 2.75 ” could provide such clear and crisp sound even at maximum audio. But don’t expect to hear roaring sounds that can push music across your house, this can however manage a room. Each speaker is connected by a 32″ wire and another 32″ wire connects to your music player via the 3.5mm jack. Cool blue LED lights illuminate each cube which comes in handy if you want to have mood lights in your room. Just plug it in and the lights would automatically turn on.

On the downside, even this miniature speakers are labeled as portable speakers, they don’t come with batteries so you are fairly limited to a wall outlet with the provided AC adapter. Also, there is no switch to turn off the lights in case you feel that they are unnecessary. A travel bag is included that can fit the speakers and the AC adapter.

Get the i.Sound Crystal Ice Portable Speakers at the Geekie Store.

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