i-Cat a Music Speaker with a Feline’s Touch

There are dog lovers, fish lovers, rabbit lovers (like who could resist those cute nose quivers and fuzzy soft body), reptile lovers, and of course cat lovers. While different speakers are out in the market doing this and that, the i-Cat is simply perfect for cat lovers. Aside from its cute feline body, it also does more than sleep, purr, and scratch on furniture.

When turned off, this glossy white cat looks just a plastic gadget that does nothing but imitate a pet. But don’t let the looks deceive you since once the batteries are popped in, the i-Cat is just as adorable as a fuzzy playful cat. The face light up with different LED lights that show expression like an equalizer. The head also tilts as it enjoys the music beats. You can make this cat listen to the sounds and let it bop and pop with the music or connect an mp3 player on its 3.5mm audio jack and act like a normal set of speakers still, with its cute movements and emotions.

Just press the nose to start the i-Cat and it’s ready to groove. Another neat feature is that the cat actually meows and purrs depending on where you scratch it. Like scratch it on the ears and you can add some meows on Lady GaGa’s tracks or purrs on Miley Cyrus’ Party in the USA. However, don’t expect loud thumping music on the i-Cat as it is not designed for audiophiles, but rather for tots and tykes.

Get the cat that loves music here.

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