i-Bladez Joystick Controlled Helicopter

Helicopter toys are great gift ideas for almost everyone with interest in flying thingies. No matter what age your age is, you surely will enjoy these days’ most exciting habit of flying helicopter toys. What’s great is, remote controlled helicopters are of different kinds so regardless of your skill level, you can always find a helicopter that’s right for you. Kids, youngsters, and even adults will sure find i-Bladez Joystick Controlled Helicopter so much fun and interesting.

This is no ordinary remote controlled helicopter as it enables the control of Salvation 3D units. Isn’t it great to feel like you are also flying like a real pilot? This toy comes with great engineering; its carbon fiber body has a coaxial structure that provides it with great in-flight stability. Making the iBladez flightstick unique is its ability to be controlled via a joystick. This is also what gives the said helicopter toy maximum stability when airborne. Also, this flying toy produces realistic vibrations which become stronger as you fly higher.

i-Bladez is the world’s first joystick-controlled R/C helicopter which offers real interaction with the flightstick controller. It features 3D flight control with six-way directional control and offers eight to nine minutes flight time in single charge. This helicopter charges via flightstick and is powered by USB connection or by six AAA batteries. The iBladez Joystick Controlled helicopter is suitable for children ages 10 years and above.

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