HyperMac – External Battery for MacBooks, iPad, and iPhones

Do you know that HyperMac is the world’s only external battery and car charger solution that can be used on all MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air? It can also be used in Apple iPhone, iPod, iPad, and other USB devices. It is available in different sizes such as 60, 100, 150, and 222wh. This external battery has been recently upgraded to support 10W USB charging which powers the iPad in a rate that’s similar to the iPad wall charger.
The HyperMac External Battery can continuously power your MacBook for up to 34 hours. That’s more than a day, right? You can also use it to recharge your iPhone for around 52 times. This external battery also has a USB 5V/2A power port which allows you to simultaneously or individually power your USB gadget with your MacBook. Aside from powering your Mac, the HyperMac also charges its internal battery. The charging cables that come with the HyperMac utilize original Apple MagSafe connectors for maximum compatibility. Since this external battery is able to determine the MacBook model connected to it, it automatically adjusts the charging power so it can support Macbook Pro dual voltage.

Furthermore, with the HyperMac external power, the strain your internal battery is getting will be reduced without compromising mobility from the power grid. Extending the life span of the MacBook’s internal battery is very much necessary especially now that these units are outfitted with non-removable batteries. The HyperMac battery employs the same high end lithium ion cells supplied to the US military. This is rechargeable for up to 1000 times and is offered with one year warranty. Purchase this HyperMac external battery at Amazon now.

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