HydroFill: The First Small Home Hydrogen Station

Hydrogen technology is showing a lot of promise when it comes to providing power. However, the technology available today for producing and storing hydrogen for use is not yet very sophisticated. But, with newer and newer innovations being introduced, we’re getting there. One of the newest in the market today is the HydroFill by the Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies.

This innovation is made to complement the first product introduced by the company earlier this year, the HydroFill MiniPak. Both products harness the power of hydrogen to charge a variety of electronic gadgets. The new HydroFill makes use of distilled water, which it converts to hydrogen when it is plugged into an AC outlet or solar power. Once the hydrogen is produced, it is then stored into a HydroStick (a battery-like device), which is then used in the MiniPak to charge devices via USB port. This innovation is beneficial in two ways. First, it removes the need to buy hydrogen-filled cartridges that can get very expensive. Instead, you’re given the option to produce hydrogen on your own. Second, it’s more environment-friendly because the only by-product that it produces as it converts water into hydrogen is water vapor.

The HydroFill is already available by pre-order, although shipping will only start on the 9th of this month. It’s quite expensive, priced at $499.99, but the price will surely be worth it in the long run. Meanwhile, the MiniPak is prized at $99.99 while the HydroStik container is at $9.99 each. Just remember, only de-ionized or distilled water is to be used to create hydrogen.

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