Huge Capacity Solar Charger and Battery – Get More From the Sun than Just a Tan

If you thought sunlight is just for feeding sunflowers and double sunflowers or powering up an army of cute pea shooting and corn throwing plants against an endless horde of brain eating zombies, think again. With the new Huge Capacity Solar Charger and Battery you can use sunshine to power every portable gadget on your pocket and sleeves – laptop sleeves that is.

The Huge Capacity Solar Charger and Battery’s name says it all; this device is the ultimate power source for tree hugging and green geeks, Dr. Bruce Banner excluded. It features a powerful 20,000 mAh battery and 29 unique adapter tips. It can easily power up and recharge just about any portable electronic device ever conceived including portable PC’s. No more extra charger, no more extra luggage and no more worries – use this universal solar powered charger to power up your mobile phone, laptop, notebook, netbook, mp3 player, handy GPS navigator and tracker, digital cameras portable DVD and movie player, handheld gaming consoles, and so much more that you can’t say it all in one breath or two! Wherever you are going, as long as the sun’s ray can reach it or anyplace with an AC outlet or even car charger, the last thing you have to worry is power. When charged via an AC outlet, the Huge Capacity Solar Charger and Battery needs approximately 3 hours to be fully ready and around 8-10 hrs when using good old solar power. The free carrying bag is a welcomed bonus.

Get it here.

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