HP Swing: Paving the Way to the New Generation of Computer Games

Computer games seem to be all the hype these days. And if you’re one hardcore gamer, chances are you spend a lot of time in front of your desktop, pressing buttons and punching on your computer keyboard while you’re transported in a virtual world—only to end up with your eyes strained and your back aching after hours of gaming. Not much of a healthy lifestyle, don’t you think? Well, if you really can’t be away from your computer too long but you still desire to live a healthy life, you might want to take a look at the newest from Hewlett Packard: the HP Swing.

The Swing is a motion sensing gaming console that’s offered together with HP Pavilion Desktop PCs. Contrary to the traditional games found on your desktop (which only involve buttons, keys, and your computer mouse), the Swing will give you the opportunity to engage in real life action games such as basketball, tennis, and bowling. When you play using this console, you’ll have to imitate the movements on the game real-life. At the end of every gaming session, you can expect to feel sweaty, out of breath, and with real energy—not the usual lethargic feeling you’ll get after fighting monsters on your desktop by merely clicking on keyboard shortcuts.

The HP Swing comes with seven life-like games for you to enjoy. It also comes with a graphic card for great visuals on your HP monitor. The only limitation is the fact that the said console is only offered in India today (hopefully, it will be available internationally soon). If you want a similar gaming experience but you’re in another country, you can find a motion controller at Amazon.

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