Hour Glass Clock – Displays Time in an Entirely Different Way

There are individuals who are always on the lookout for new ornaments, such as interesting time pieces, to embellish their perfectly-appointed home or office. Now here’s one of the freshest and most popular timepieces available in the market – the Hour Glass Clock. True, this clock is like no other because it gives time telling a whole new meaning. Though some people see it as a bit like an egg timer, this clock is actually very stylish.

Designed by Davis Dear, this modern clock comes in exceptional “hour glass” shape which consists of two cones that rotate at different speeds. Aside from its legendary hour-glass figure, another thing that makes this clock oh-so-interesting is its way of telling the time. The minutes are displayed at the top while the hours can be seen at the bottom with an eye-catching second rotating timer shown on the upper surface. There’s also an embossed red line that points out the current time. In addition to its clock function, it also comfortably doubles as a conversion point.

On top of the clock is a round window that gives you a view of the rotating second wheel. Crafted beautifully, the Hour Glass Clock gives out a solid feel partly because of its top and base that are made from heavy metal. This clock is 6.5 inches tall and 4.75 inches wide. It operates on one AA battery.

Spend hours and hours of fun, immersed to the glee of the Hour Glass Clock. To purchase one, visit this website.

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