Horizon H-Cell 2.0: Something New for the Hobbyist in You

The green way of life is not anymore just for a select group of people—it has already crossed the bridges to invade even the mainstream industries. Would you believe that even serious hobbyists are now preoccupied with environmental friendliness? In fact, green technologies being developed in cars today are also being tested on a miniature level—on toy cars and radio-controlled or RC cars. The newest from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is one such example, the H-Cell 2.0 cell kit.

The Horizon H-Cell 2.0 is a 1:10 scale version of a full-sized hydrogen fuel cell that can be used not only in RC cars but as well as in small boats, tiny planes, and robots. It’s designed to work like hydrogen powertrains, only on a lower level. It perfectly complements systems used in RC cars like high-powered batteries and miniature engines. The new kit comes with an optional home refueling station that can automatically refill the tank, and this station can be connected to solar panels or wind turbines through a HydroFILL in order to produce renewable energy. The station is also capable of storing hydrogen in solid form using a couple of devices called HydroSTIK. The said devices are integrated into the powertrain, each of which can contain 13 liters of hydrogen.

The Horizon fuel cell will be out this year, starting on June 17 in Europe. So if you’re a serious RC car hobbyist who wants something new and environment-friendly in your toy car, you may want to consider the Horizon H-Cell 2.0 cell kit or a similar Horizon H-Cell hydrogen fuel cell at Amazon.

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