HOHRIZONTAL 51 Speakers: Pure Classiness and Serious Stereo Sound Combined

Loving music is natural. Some people even invest on audio supplies, may it be on media players, headphones, and speakers. For serious music aficionados, the speaker that spells first-class sound and elegance is now here – introducing the Finite Elemente’s HOHRIZONTAL 51, a speaker that gives supreme stereo sound and sense of style at its finest.
Looking at the HOHRIZONTAL 51 speaker, it is obviously special compared to other speakers out there. It is designed as a functional shelf on the wall with integrated dock for iPhone or iPod. It serves as an elegant display or shelf in your home and perfect for placing pictures frames and other typical display stuff. Then again, it also functions (mainly) as a classy sound appliance in the room. It can give you a powerful bass and surround sound using its full connectivity and built-in sound system. That would truly satisfy the desire for pure entertainment and best music experience. It includes connections for PC, MP3 players, and TV. There is also a remote control that makes you very comfortable while watching favorite movies, TV shows, and videos. With HOHRIZONTAL 51, you always have the power over your music and home entertainment experience.

The HOHRIZONTAL 51 measures B 1000 x T 300 x H 51 mm and weighs about 6.5 kg so it easily fits in any ideal wall in your room. Other specifications are 2 x 25 W amplifier power output, 50 – 25.000 Hz (-6 dB) frequency range as well as 30-Pin-Dock for iPod or iPhone.

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