Highest Brightness, Switchable 2D/3D, and Glasses-free 3D Touchscreen LCD – All Made Possible by Sharp

Before, black and white televisions were overpowered by color TVs to enjoy more the pleasure of watching. Now, LCDs are gaining popularity and made a great leap in terms of features compared to traditional screens. Beginning from 2003, Sharp Corporation has been producing LCD models and this time, they developed another benchmark to pure entertainment, a 3D touchscreen LCD – glasses free!

When we hear 3D display, we are familiar with special eyeglasses that must be worn to experience the 3D effect. But Sharp made it possible to feel the same way though with the absence of the glasses. How did they do that? This is mainly because of the double images produced by means of overlapping the images both in left and right hence creating a sense of depth. The 3D LCD uses a parallax barrier system that includes a series of vertical slits. This system is in charge of controlling the path of light that reaches the left and right eyes to generate 3D images.

Sharp also engineered the 3D touchscreen LCD with the use of CG-Silicon technology to offer excellent image quality through high brightness and low crosstalk. In addition, this technology utilizes crystalline silicon coupled with electron mobility. This means up to 600 times quicker than regular amorphous silicon and up to six times faster than low-temperature polysilicon. The wiring width inside the LCD is minimized to let more amount of light pass which doubles the brightness (500 cd/m2) and making it the highest in the industry to date. Sharp’s glasses-free 3D LCD is also great for mobile phones, smartphones, digital cameras and is switchable between 2D and 3D modes.

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