HEXBUG NANO – Amazing Robotic Toys You Can Gift Your Kids With

Kids sure love robots. Unlike other toys, they are entertained by such for long hours. It is because robotic toys make them feel like their favorite character in movies or video games really come into life to play with them. One of the latest craze in the market of robotic toys is the HEXBUG NANO. This is actually an updated version of the battery-operated HEXBUG toys your kids have loved before. Along with its creepy sense of balance is HEXBUG NANO’s ability to flip to its feet and zoom forward the moment you turn it on its back. When it touches an object in its path, this energetic insect toy will change directions and run away on a new path.

What makes the HEXBUG NANO so appealing for kids is, they behave like real bugs yet they come in wide variety of colors. Each insect toy is given a unique serial number and point value system that can be used by owners should they wish to register their NANO online, earn points by taking quizzes about popular scientists, reach a certain level in an online game that necessitates players to make use of scientific principles in creating a virtual Nano on their own, and look for extraordinary creatures with the highest point values.

Aside from the HEXBUG NANO robotic insect toys, you can also consider other stuffs and add-ons that will sure make your playing experience more fun and exciting. Among such are:

Hexbug Nano Habitat Set
This is a reconfigurable set that allows the user to make different Nano homes. It includes two unusual Nanos plus all the things your kids will need in building a happy home for these robots. Among such are 4-easy connect curved pieces, 3 easy-connect straight pieces, and 3 easy-connect hexagon pieces. The Hexbug Nano Habitat Set helps improve your child’s creativity since they are allowed to configure the pieces in any way they like just to come up with a home sweet home for their Nanos.

Hexbug Nano Curved Habitat Track
Composed of 8 easy-connect curved pieces, the Hexbug Nano Curved Habitat Track allows the user to make habitat curved bridges and pathways.

Hexbug Nano Hex Cells Accessory Pieces
Made by Innovation First labs, Inc., these accessories for your Hexbug Nano Habitat include two HEX Cells with pieces that connect and disconnect so easily. Also included are working doors that are compatible with other Hexbug Nano Habitats and Play sets.

Hexbug Nano Specimen Case from Innovation First Labs, Inc.
This is a durable nylon collectors case that are capable of storing 20 HEXBUG NANO specimens. It is perfect for those who are colleting each color of Nano specimen.

So what are you waiting for? Surprise your son on his birthday with HEXBUG NANO toys of different colors plus tracks, habitats, and accessories for an ultimate playing experience. Click here and check out other Hexbug Nano items that you can add to your son’s collection.

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