Henge Docks: Flexibility, Utility, and Style at Their Finest

Sure, your laptop offers a lot of flexibility, especially if you’re someone who constantly travels and someone who needs to bring some paper works with you while you’re away. But, you can’t deny the fact that it still can’t beat your old desktop at home when it comes to certain features—like the monitor and the keyboard. And if you need to constantly print and scan documents from your laptop, plugging and unplugging all the connections can be quite of a hassle, not to say a mess with all the entangled cables involved. So how do you deal? Check out the newest docking station created by Henge Docks!

This Henge Docks innovation combines the flexibility of a laptop, the optimum utility of a desktop, and the sleekness of a stylish techie gadget that will surely arouse the interest of visitors in your home or office. This dock is designed for the Apple line-up of computers, the newest following the PowerBook Duo series of the ‘90s. This Henge Docks station comes in different models, each for a specific model of MacBook.

Each dock features customs USBs, audio cables, and Ethernet, among others. Setting up the Henge Docks is also easy with no modifications needed in your MacBook’s original settings. The system is so flexible that it allows you to choose only the connections that you need when setting up your laptop. It can even be used to integrate your MacBook to your home theater system for the ultimate audio and video experience.

You can look out for the release of the Henge Docks very soon. And if you have other Apple models like an Ipad, you can also find an Ipad dock at Amazon.

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