Harmony 300i – One Remote to Rule Them All

Only if there’s Morty in every Bed Bath and Beyond Store’s “back room” to offer a universal remote that can control the universe – imagine the infinite possibilities. And imagine the chaos, that’s why you just don’t trust any shady remote in any appliances section. For a remote that can control almost all multimedia appliances but the extraordinary, settle for none other than the Harmony 300i. This state of the art universal remote promises a really easy set-up and an even easier control over more than 5000 brands of devices, gadgets and appliances. Using the 300i remote, you can turn on your TV and cable/satellite box with simply a press of the button and tune-in straight away to your favorite TV program or channel. Moreover, the built-in programmable buttons make functions like changing screen sizes and watching videos on demand a single click easier.

This remote also provides hassle free volume controls that can be allocated to whichever of your devices you fancy. It also has a DVR control that seamlessly works with recorded TV. Basically, the Harmony 300i effectively replaces up to 4 kinds of remote for a clutter free living room or entertainment pad.

To setup the Harmony 300i, simply connect it to a computer and type in the devices that you have, the online software will then take care of all the setup process. This remote can be updated as new gadgets and devices come out of the market. With that, you can never get stuck with an old obsolete remote.

You can purchase Logitech Harmony 300 Remote Control (Black) here.

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