Hanvon WISEreader N526 – The Modern Reader with Handwriting and Keyboard

With all the new ebook readers being introduced in the market these days, choosing the best one to buy can really be confusing. So, if you are in this scenario, the first thing that you have to do is to review the features of the different options available. You have to carefully look into the following: price, screen size, eBook source, wireless internet, and touchscreen or keypad. But if you are looking for a particular reader that has a keyboard and handwriting function, then you better check out this Hanvon WISEreader N526.

The WISEreader N526 is a revolutionary eBook reader that is based on E-Ink electronic paper display technology. Its main feature is its handwriting function, allowing the user to create a text document with real-time handwritten annotation. If you are in school or in a meeting, for example, you can very much take advantage of this feature when writing or editing notes. This product really takes notes writing to a whole new level, making the eBook not just convenient for reading but also for writing. But if you also want to make use of the keyboard, well you can always do so.

Moreover, this reader is also very eco-friendly. Its battery can last up to 15 days with only a single charge. Plus, it’s made to protect eyesight, so you can enjoy reading ebooks without putting too much strain on your eyes. And since it’s based on E-Ink technology, it does not reflect sunlight, allowing you to experience more convenient outdoor reading.

The WISEreader N526 is really a nifty gadget to have. But if you want to check out more options, feel free to view Hanvon eReaders at Amazon.com.

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