Hand Boiler Science Toy

One of the best gifts you could ever give to your kiddos are educational science toys. Aside from offering great educational value for your children, these toys encourage their natural curiosity and make science education fun and enjoyable for them. Since the attention span of children is quite short, it is important that you keep them entertained while teaching them about science and nature. With educational toys like the Hand Boiler Science Toy, your kids can have lots of fun without even realizing that they’re learning new things.

What makes the Hand Boiler exciting is the fact that children can see the small glass bottle boil in their palm. The colored fluid that’s placed in the bottom part of the bulb is ethyl alcohol. This chemical has a low boiling point or the temperature at which it boils is very low. As a matter of fact, the boiling point of such chemical is close enough to body temperature so we can see it boil without feeling the heat. Placed in a pretty bottle, when the fluid starts to get hot, it evaporates and tries to expand, but it goes nowhere but to the twisty loop of glass. It moves up to the top portion of the glass so it seems to boil and bubble.

This glass hand boiler demonstrates Charles Law. It is available in four colors such as green, red, glue, and purple. It comes 6.5 inches tall and is suitable for ages 8+. Click here to purchase this amazing hand Boiler Science Toy.

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