Halt Who Goes There! – Hanvon Face ID

Sci-fi movie flicks have showcased some pretty impressive collection of different identification and security measures – from simple access cards and fingerprint scanners to the more hi-tech voice recognition system and space-age retinal scans. Outside Hollywood, there’s a hi-tech and real life identification solution that uses a technology that’s like it’s been directly ripped from the Mission Impossible Series or from Charlie’s Angels. Introducing the Hanvon Face ID, the industry’s first embedded facial recognition system with a Dual Sensor Facial Recognition Algorithm technology. This unique design and facial recognition algorithm allows a faster (all under less than a second) and accurate facial identification even under different light and environmental condition. The embedded facial recognition system uses an advanced DSP technology that isolates the processing and cross matching right on the device. Face ID features a standalone application that can serve as a time attendance, access control and user identification. The large capacity for up to 1400 users, 150,000 logs and 70,000 optional image capacity makes the Face ID very practical even for a large office environment.

In terms of performance, the energy efficient Facial ID boasts a reliable and compromise-free operation under different conditions. Using Different Source-light Technology, this device claims to function even in low light environment or better still, even in the dark. This cool gadget has an additional voice prompt as well as a 3.5 inch color screen for easy facial arrangement and contact-free authentication that works well with RFID.

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