GYROXUS Full-Motion Video Game Control – Put Yourself in the Game

When playing Xbox 360, PS3, and games for Windows, you don’t have to just sit down in there and press the control buttons. With the GYROXUS, you can now get in the game! This is a gaming chair that’s capable of providing you with a genuine full-motion video gamer’s experience without the need for motors or any kind of power assist. The GYROXUS combines the handheld game controller with a modern full-motion system for an ultimate game control. You sure will love this chair because it isn’t just easy to set up; it’s also fully adjustable to accommodate gamers of any shapes and sizes.

The GYROXUS offers plug-n-play functions so no drivers are needed to have it installed. This means, you can set up in just a matter of a few minutes. Aside from its intuitive interface, it is also offered with a customized PS3 and Xbox360 or PC control. Since it is made for gamers, the GYROXUS comes with a rugged construction. It’s compact too so you won’t have any problem storing or using it just about anywhere.

Take your individual or team playing into a whole level! With the GYROXUS, everything you want can happen within those sports, racing, flying, and combat games. And because you can feel the movement, it seems like you’re really part of the game. This gaming chair is right for people from 12 years of age and above. So if you want a full-motion gaming, get a Gyroxus GSR-71c Full-Motion Video Game Controller for Playstation 3 at Amazon now!

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