Green Laptops: Acer 3811TZ and 3811TZG

If you’re not yet aware of it, tons and tons of electronic wastes are dumped in China and other developing countries around the world. These electronic wastes are very hazardous to the environment and to the health of people living near it since it can contaminate the air, food, and water supply. Take for example the PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and BFR (bromate fire retardants) which are heavily used in production of electronics. PVC is an inexpensive plastic that can easily be manufactured but tolls the environment heavily with its toxic emissions and being not biodegradable. BFR on the other hand is also used a lot in production of electronics and in the industry for fire prevention. These two chemicals are key items in electronics that must be eradicated which Acer complied with their 3811TZ and 3811TZG laptop models.

Both laptop models belong to the Acer Timeline Series which is characterized by having an Intel Core 2 Duo ultra low voltage processor which translates to low power consumption and long battery life. A 13.3″ screen is expected using LED technology that would also help in energy efficiency. Though it could be exciting that these laptops are environment friendly, you still need to wait for a while because there is still no official spec sheet nor pricing was released by Acer.

Acer is actually behind its 2005 promise of being PVC free and BFR free. But shifting to green methods is very much welcomed by geeks around the world.

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