Grace Tuner Wi-Fi Radio – Lets You Enjoy Wi-Fi Internet Radio Music on Your Home Stereo

Do you find pleasure in listening to music from your Wi-Fi radio to your home stereo? Then the Grace Tuner Wi-Fi Radio is for you. This tuner delivers digital audio direct from the Internet to your very own home stereo. With this, you can listen to your long list of music or listen to more than 30,000 internet radio stations, one at a time. You can also enjoy podcast and on demand Wi-Fi radio content as well as online music services which include Live 365, Pandora, and SIRIUS.

The Grace Tuner comes with a high contrast, adjustable 4-line backlit LCD display that makes it way easy for you to see your collection of music, change your settings, or display the title of the songs as well as the details of the artist. With the tuner’s full-function remote control, you will be able to select one of your preset stations, browse for new stations, skip songs you don’t like, and give feedback on Pandora from anywhere in your room. Moreover, with the Grace remote control application, you can go to distances no IR remote has been into before. You can even control the radio from your iPod Touch or iPhone.

Connecting the said radio to any of your gadgets, speakers, or home stereo components is easy with the devices that come with it such as ¼”stereo headphone jack, high-quality RCA analog audio connectors, TOSLINK Digital audio connectors, and FM antenna connector. The radio’s built-in media player streams audio files from your MAC or PC. Visit Amazon and get a Grace Digital Wireless Hi-fi Internet Radio Tuner featuring Pandora and NPR (GDI-IRDT200) today!

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