Goodnight Sleep Trainer: Sleep Training for Babies, More Sleep for Parents

Who says parenting is easy? Fulfilling, yes. But easy? Oh no. One of the many things parents have to deal with is a total disruption in their usual sleep pattern – instead, they’d have to adjust to the baby’s sleeping pattern. Well, have it the other way around by training your child to sleep through the night. To many parents, this is an impossible task. But, a pediatrician has now developed an innovative gadget to help parents train their babies to sleep – the Goodnight Sleep Trainer.

The development of this gadget is geared at what Dr. Tucker, the inventor, wants parents to know – that they don’t have to comfort babies every time they cry at night. Instead, they should teach babies to self-soothe during certain instances. What the gadget does is record baby’s sleeping pattern. It does this with the help of buttons that you have to press when baby sleeps (Down to Sleep), wakes up (Up to Play), and cries (Crying). Once the baby cries and you press the “Crying” button, a timer is activated to help you space out the time you reaches to baby to comfort him. When the timer is finished, that’s the time you approach the baby to give comfort. The timer gets a little longer each day, and you’ll find that in many instances, the baby will fall asleep on his own even without you comforting him.

The 4moms Goodnight Sleep Trainer – Gray can give improvement in baby’s sleeping patterns in as early as 2 to 4 days. With this device, you will not only teach your baby to sleep through the night – you also give yourself more time for sleep.

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