Gold W Phone Watch – The World’s Smallest Quad-Band Cell Phone Dress Watch

Kempler and Strauss, one of world’s leaders in designing and manufacturing innovative mobile devices and wireless technology products, has announced the arrival of the much-awaited gold version of the W PhoneWatch, the smallest GSM quad-band cell phone dress watch today. This limited-edition gold W Phone Watch will provide users the functionality and convenience of a cell phone in a form of wearable and stylish wristwatch. This device comes with a wide range of features such as wrist watch, GSM quad-band phone, MP3 player, touchscreen interface, still and video cameras and a lot more. It also offers helpful applications like address book, calendar, as well as the ability to create and send text messages easily.
To solve the issue presented beta testers, Kempler and Strauss also equipped the W PhoneWatch with a 2GB Micro SD memory card plus several feature enhancements which enables you to synchronize your contacts with Outlook, and use the PhoneWatch as a webcam and USB mass storage device when it is connected to your PC through the USB cable. With its micro-touch user interface, which can be activated via your fingertips, you no longer need to use a stylus whenever you need to create text messages or to dial a phone number.

The W PhoneWatch isn’t designed to replace Smartphones as the major communications device for most customers. It is rather made for active individuals who need the convenience of continuous cell phone service without the need to carry their handset. The W PhoneWatch comes in wide range of sporty colors but the limited-edition gold version is more suitable for use as a dress watch during formal occasions. If you want more choices, you can check out the long list of available phone watches at Amazon.

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