Go Faster with FreeAgent GoFlex Desk External Drive

If you’re a municipal clerk, can pull out dusty old town records that possibly survived the two Great Wars faster than you’re external hard drive – then you’re in big trouble. You’ll have better luck pulling out your files on time with a rock than a hard drive with an unreliable data speed. A slowpoke external drive is just a paperweight with plates after all. If you want a high capacity, fast and reliable external hard drive with upgradable transfer speeds, look none other than one of the most trusted brands in HDD technology–Seagate and their latest FreeAgent GoFlex desktop hard drive.

Available in 1T, 2T and 3T drive capacity; the FreeAgent GoFlex Desktop features a standard USB 2.0 standard plug-and-play connectivity that can be upgraded to a much faster interface when paired with the right GoFlex Desk desktop adapter. By pairing the external hard drive with an interface of your choice, either a GoFlex USB 3.0 or FireWire 800/USB 2.0 adapter, you can increase the transfer rates by up to 10 folds. And this works with both PC and Mac. The hard drive comes with an illuminated capacity gauge so that you can see the remaining drive capacity at a glance–a minor but very convenient feature. The GoFlex Desk also features an automatic backup, encryption and a hard drive management tool. The whole package is inclusive of the GoFlex Desk Drive preloaded with exclusive software, USB 2.0 adapter base with capacity gauge, 5-foot USB 2.0 cable and a Quick Start Guide.

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