Go Boom Boom! With the New Mighty Mini Speakers

Big sounds may unexpectedly come from the smallest of sources, much like the mustard seed, sizes can be easily deceiving. The new Mighty Mini Speakers are one of those small gadgets with an unbelievably big performance. For a speaker barely the size of a ten pence coin, the Mighty Mini produces a very audible output at an acceptable quality. The Mighty Mini is made to impress the indiscriminate listeners, not the hardcore audiophiles; so those crystal clear mids and high, and those deep resounding bass are nothing but a pipe dream for the Mighty Mini Speakers.

Interestingly enough, these portable speakers are so adequately small that they can be hooked into a key ring and then attached to purses, bags or other accessories. These mini speakers recharge via USB and can operate up to 2.5 hours when fully charged. They are widely compatible with different portable multimedia players that use a standard headphone jack.

These speakers come in two designs reminiscent of old school 1980s genre of breakdancing and hip hop, the Mighty Mini Amp and Mighty Mini Boom Box. A large and more powerful boom box uses a lot of D-sized batteries, may span more than thirty inches in width, and weighs up to 20 pounds. Comparing it to the new Mighty Mini Speakers is definitely a no contest – but don’t expect Kazaam or Shaquille O’ Neal to puff out of Mighty Mini Boom Box anytime soon.

Go get a Mini Amplifier Speaker- Mighty Mini Amp Keyringnow!

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