GlowCap for Grandma and Grandpa

Looking back a hundred or fifty years, life expectancy was much shorter than it is today. Though we might have all the carcinogens and pollution that are constant threat to our health, add into that cigarettes that lessens peoples’ lives by the minutes, we still are tough creatures. This could be attributed to the improvements on what we eat and of course medical technology on the elderly. Our beloved grandparents have been living for quite some time now because of their meds that make sure cholesterol, blood pressure, and sugar levels are within safe zone. Still, medicines are only effective when taken religiously and missing doses can be quite often to due to weak memory. Say goodbye to preparing a weekly medicine calendar and say hello to the GlowCap.

GlowCap is a four way approach against forgetting to take medicine: First, the light on top of the medicine container blinks whenever it is already time to take a pill. There is also a wireless reminder plug that you can put in your room so you also get notified that it is time for your grandparent to take medicine. Second, you or any other family member will receive weekly e-mail updates on the intake performance so you know which days were missed. Third, GlowCap automatically orders a refill from your local pharmacy, ready to be picked up when you can. Finally, a monthly print out report is sent to you and your doctor to let him know of the patient’s medicine intake behavior.

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