Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper

Being a tech geek yourself, you are updated with latest innovations that aid us humans in having a comfortable life. But with those innovations come some trash that are plain impractical which I don’t want to mention. However, this glow in the dark toilet paper is just plain genius. It might not be the cure for cancer but the research funding on this is pretty well spent!

As the name implies, this roll of toilet paper absorbs light and hold it to glow during darkness. We really don’t know how they made it luminous. Either it came from lots of those glowing creatures you see on Discovery Channel or from some photo reactive chemical, this thing is just cool. Using this, you won’t even have to turn on the lights if you have to pee. The glow will provide enough luminance for men to know where to aim and for the ladies, it would be useful to know where to sit.

You could also really hate having to turn on the lights and feel blinded by its brightness; completely destroying your good night’s sleep. The soft glow of this tissue paper is enough for you to do your business in the toilet without interrupting you sleep. You could even completely open your eyes and be fast asleep the moment you go back to bed.

Though the novelty of this item ends when flushed down the seat, the coolness will surely continue to roll!

Get your glow in the dark toilet paper here!

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