GigaPan EPIC Pro

It might come a time that robots will take over the human race in doing basic activities even taking pictures. Though, a human’s professional touch and artistic brain wouldn’t be replaced by some android from a laboratory, there are still limitations. Like humans don’t have the steadiest hands. I mean, a lot of people have very shaky hands that even anti-shake sensors and software cannot compensate. Just see pictures on Facebook  and you will see lots of them have horrible blur (not the artistic kind) where you can’t even see the faces and lights that went absolutely wrong. What more if precision in taking pictures is needed such as for pros and when a project’s success is at stake.

Enter the GigaPan Epic Pro. This little robot is a photographer’s companion during panoramic shots. Using specially calibrated movements, the Epic Pro controls the shotamera and take hundreds, even thousands of shots just to create the perfect image. Using the photo stitching application that comes with the Epic Pro, it will connect all the series of pictures to create one panoramic image.

This robotic equipment works with almost all of the DSLRs in the market and can support up to 10lbs of camera with lens attached. There is a 4300mAH battery on board which enables portability of the Epic Pro wherever the shoot is even without an outlet nearby. Aside from that, a remote trigger switch can be bought so you can have a group shot with yourself included this time in a panoramic background that would definitely wow everyone.

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