Giant Keyboard: Creating Music With Your Feet

Loves dancing and exercise? Both activities are best done accompanied by music. Well, how do you like the idea of creating your own music while performing both activities? That’s now possible with the new Giant Keyboard. We’re not talking about the computer keyboard here – we’re talking about a real musical keyboard.

The Giant Keyboard is simply like a floor mat that you lay on the floor and step on to create music. Measuring 180 x 80 cm, it’s perfect for young and old alike and is suitable for all occasions for an added fun – during parties, get-together with families, and even just at home when you want to do some dancing and exercise, stepping or running from one key to another, fast or slow depending on the music you want to create. It’s also ideal for children, a great way to utilize their extra energy and to teach them music.

The keyboard has 24 keys, and it also features eight different musical instrument sounds: piano, saxophone, violin, organ, trumpet, harp, vibraphone, and j-guitar. Plus, it already has 10 automated songs for your enjoyment: Toreador Song, Fur Elise, Red River Valley, In Tow, Gavotte, Yankee Doodle Dandy, The Clap Hands Song, Minuet, Bell Ring, and Waltz. And when you create your own music, you can record it via the keyboard’s record function (up to eighty-note sequence), and then play it back afterwards. All you need are four pieces of AA batteries in order to operate the Giant Keyboard and get the fun going.

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