Get more for Your Business with Lenovo ThinkCentre M70e and A70 Desktops

If space saving equipments are a must have for business and personal comfort is a must have for employees, then the new Lenovo ThinkCentre M70e and A70 Desktops are the must haves in any business environment. The ThinkCentre M70e is an entry level enterprise PC while the A70 is designed for businesses that are just starting out looking for increased performance in terms of processing power, memory and graphics without usual the expensive investment cost. The M70e model begins at $559, while the A70 is tagged at $379 (USD).

Aside from the obvious price difference, both come in small form factor and tower designs and share the following key specs:

• Options for an Intel Core2Quad, Core2Duo, Pentium and Celeron processor. Core2Quad processors are available with the M70e
• NVIDIA GeForce FX380 Quadro or Intel integrated GMA X4500 graphic choices
• High speed DDR3 memory up to 4 GB
• Large hard drives up to 500 GB and up to 1 TB in the M70e
• Gigabit Ethernet and DVD burner
• ThinkVantage Tools
The pricier Lenovo ThinkCentre M70e additionally features easy to reach frequently accessed controls. The indicator lights and chrome ring protected power button are on a panel angled toward the USB and audio ports are placed conveniently next to the DVD drive with the familiar red-striped DVD drive eject button at the top of the machine. The M70e is also slightly lighter and thinner by 20% to previous ThinkCentre desktops and it’s also 10% cooler – thanks to the redesigned motherboard and added extra fan and side vent.

You can also check out Lenovo ThinkCentre M series here.

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