GeoSkeeper – Safe and Sound: Anytime, Anywhere

If only we exist in a Star Trek generation, in a world where no man has boldly gone before; where what it takes to get help, rescued and beamed to a starship is a simple tap on a personal communicator badge. Beaming back to reality, that kind cool personal communicator is already here, way ahead of its time. Introducing the latest addition to Aerotel’s growing Skeeper family – the new GeoSkeeper, a wrist-worn personal emergency response system and communicator in one. This watch like device is more than your average safety, communication and alarm gadgets; it has a built-in distress button and an active GPS system that can activate a SOS signal. And it provides not only accurate tracking but fast GPS monitoring as well. It may not be as cool as a transporter beam, but it’s an important feature if you want a prompt and immediate help. Using Aerotel’s proven geofencing technology, you can even set a virtual safe zone. In an event where the wearer wanders or moves outside the defined safety zone, GeoSkeeper can automatically notify and alert the monitoring center, relative or caregiver.

The integrated cellular speaker phone turns the GeoSkeeper into a small and compact personal communicator. It uses an embedded quad-band GSM/GPRS module to receive regular calls and more importantly, make emergency voice calls to speed dials contacts. Thru a web based interface, the GeoSkeeper’s features can be remotely set. These include the speed dial numbers, automatic answering, various alerts, geofencing area and more.

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