Geekie Gadget’s Top 6 Green Gadgets for Your Everyday Use

Living green yet? If you’re not, there might be some reasons you refuse to go green in your lifestyle. If you’re like many, your reasons may have something to do with the mindset that green isn’t cool and classy. Or, you might be thinking that living green means spending more. But, we’ve got good news for you – green living has actually become cool these days. And, it’s actually cheaper!

Below are six gadgets that will show you how cool, sophisticated, and affordable green living is:

1. Solio Classic Hybrid Solar Charger (new): Living Green in Style

On top of being green, this charger is a huge deviation from the usual black charger with a long cord that always gets tangled inside your bag or closet. It’s an easy-to-carry stylish charger that comes with three blades. Simply unfold it and expose it to the sun to soak in solar energy – it can hold up to a year’s worth of charging power and can charge more than 3200 devices. And with its smooth lines and elegant look, it’s one gadget that you can flaunt to your friends.

2. Wind ‘N Go Freedom Shaver: Your Perfect Travel Buddy

This shaver is cool because of two reasons. One, you don’t need electricity to use it. You just have to wind it up for about a minute to enjoy two minutes of shaving, all thanks to its three individual heads that rotate upon winding up. Two, it flexes to follow the face’s contours and successfully shave even very short stubble – with no cuts and other inconveniences involved. Offered in a travel case, it’s the perfect companion to stay freshen up when you’re on travel.

3. SOLARBULB: Mood Lighting in a Plastic Bottle

Don’t know what to do with all the plastic bottles piling up in your storageroom? Assemble a night lighting set in your home with the use of these bottles and the SOLARBULB! All you have to do is to screw in the device into the neck of a plastic bottle (28 mm neck) and get instant lighting emanating from the bottle. This lighting is provided by the SOLARBULB, which gets its power from the sun. Simply expose the device to direct sunlight for up to four hours and enjoy up to six hours of lighting. And with the different colors available, you can enliven up any part of your home or garden without having to get expensive lighting!

4. FLOWISE Showerhead: Water-Saving Device in a Sophisticated Packaging

Looks, performance, water conservation – all these make the American Standard 1660.717.002 FloWise 3 Function Water-Saving Showerhead, Chrome a wise choice. It comes in an elegant style and in different finishes, making it an ideal addition to any bathroom. Plus, it’s designed to provide you with a customized shower experience with three different spray settings available: turbine spray, full spray, and combination spray. And because of its great performance, you might be surprised to know that FLOWISE also conserves water as it works, but it does! It can save your family up to 8,000 gallons of water every year!

5. RollerGen Battery BOS: Burn Fats, Produce More Power

“Hit two birds with one stone.” – this may be a worn cliché, but it takes on a new meaning with the RollerGen Battery BOS. This is a power rack system with an energy storage device and a dynamo at its heart that store the energy generated by the rear wheel of your bicycle whenever you go for a ride exercise. Once the device is full, you can use it to power your gadgets through a couple of USB ports. The system mounts at the rear of the bike like any ordinary luggage rack, holding the battery and any of your other stuff. Isn’t this a techie way of doing your regular bike workout?

6. Slate Step Lights: A Green Way to Perk Up Your Garden

This pair of lights will give the plants and flowers in your garden a warm glow for that much needed perking up. Once they’re in place, they emit white LED light with the help of solar power that they soak up with the help of the built-in solar panel. They’re also durable and waterproof, so you can trust these lights to last for a long time without any maintenance needed. This Smart Solar/Smart Solar Solar Step Stone. Pack of 2. Natural slate set is a great way to add some life to your garden without extra cost.

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