Geekie Gadget’s Top 5 Gadgets for Your Kitchen

Thanksgiving is almost here! Surely, many of you out there already smell the aroma of food that you plan to cook come Thanksgiving. And, your kitchen will surely see a lot of activities in the coming weeks. To help you with your kitchen works, we present our Top 5 kitchen gadgets this week. And nope, our gadgets today won’t be substitutes to your traditional and tried-and-tested kitchen equipment – they’re just simple gadgets designed to help make your food preparations become faster and less stressful. Check these out:

1. Frosting Deco Pen: Baking Made More Fun

This device is a battery-powered frosting pen that’s perfect for use to make your cakes and cookies look more appetizing. You can use it to write a message on the cake, create borders, and different designs in an instant and without all the mess involved. This is possible, thanks to the pen’s 6 decorating tips. The device also comes with 3 refillable cartridges, so you can use different colors in your frosting. Plus, you can mix the color right inside the device. This deco pen is the ultimate frosting equipment.

2. Digital Toaster Long Slot: For Toastier Toasts

This T-Fal 4-Slice Digital Toaster, black is a space-saving toaster that can accommodate as many as four slices of large-sized breads, thanks to its extra wide and self-adjusting slots. It also offers more choices as to browning quality with its 1-8 browning control. Other than this, the device is packed with a bagel and reheat technology, defrost function, and high-lift toast removal. Add in its easy cleaning feature courtesy of the removable crumb tray and you get a dependable device for all occasions.

3. The Personal Soup Chef: Soup-Making in an Instant

Whereas soup making before used to be a time-consuming task – what with all the cutting, stirring, and monitoring involved – it can now be done in an instant with this innovative kitchen gadget. How? Well, vegetable cutting and stirring are already performed simultaneously inside the cooker because of the processing blades that it is equipped with. It also has a digital timer that you can set in advance (up to 24 hours) and it allows you to set the temperature to achieve your desired results. Plus, straining of the ingredients after the cooking is easy – it comes with a removable basket that helps immerse the ingredients into the soup without actually mixing them in. With all these features, soup cooking is now a simple task.

4. The Healthiest Deep Fryer: Less Oil, Even Cooking

This kitchen gadget is ideal for all your deep frying needs. From simple French fries to shrimps, you can fry all these without the mess and the extra fats. Usage of this device requires only a tablespoon of oil, so it’s healthier. Plus, it promises even cooking with its internal convection oven that can heat up to 338º F. Include the fryer’s even air circulation and its paddle, which mixes the ingredients automatically, and you get properly fried food. Plus, it even comes with a recipe booklet as a bonus!

5. Saeco Xelsis ID Stainless Steel: Instant Coffee Customized to Your Taste

After all your kitchen works, what better way to relax than to have a cup of coffee? That’s when you can rely on the Xelsis. This is like a digital coffee bar that can offer different types of drinks tailored to your personal taste – up to 36 beverage settings (6 user profiles, each with 6 drinks) for you and your family or friends. All these you can easily access with the device’s display screen and touch icon. Plus, it comes with an external milk carafe that can automatically froth milk into your cup. All these are topped off by the device’s ultra modern looks that make it a perfect addition to any kitchen.

So, are you ready for Thanksgiving? With all these additions in your kitchen, you’ll have an easier and more enjoyable Thanksgiving preparations.

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