Gateway NV59C66U Notebook Boasts its Integrated WIMAX

Your much-awaited Gateway NV59C66U notebook with WiMAX wireless connectivity has finally arrived. This newest addition in Gateway NV Series line of notebooks delivers a deluxe look and feel plus latest performance technology updates at reasonable prices. Owners of Gateway NV59C66U Notebook with integrated WiMAX hardware can select a WiMAX service provider to be able to connect to networks in many cities and metropolitan areas around the country. With this, you can have fast and reliable Internet connection almost anytime, anywhere, making WiMAX the next-generation of wireless technology designed to allow pervasive, high-speed mobile Internet access at a very low cost.

The WiMAX card outfitted in the Gateway NV59C66U is Intel’s 6250 wireless card which offers reliable connection to both WiMAX and Wi-Fi networks. This makes it capable for users to connect even when they’re moving around the coverage area. To complement the new WiMAX capabilities, the Gateway NV59C66U is provided with a new design which included eye-catching tone-on tone patterned espresso chassis that makes it visually attractive and interesting. This gadget will soon be followed by other new models in Gateway’s NV Series. Such units are available in different configurations to cater to the needs of various types of customers.

Moreover, the Gateway NV59C66U Notebook also comes equipped with 802.11b/g/n WiFi Certified connectivity for a convenient connection to hot spots and wireless networks. There’s also an integrated High Definition webcam which enables web chats and video emails in remarkable clarity. You sure will enjoy all these features and a whole lot more if you’ll purchase a Gateway NV59C66U Notebook. Better check out the availability of Gateway NVseries at Amazon now.

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