Garmin Chirp Puts the Power on your Fingertips

Getting stuck in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do is one of the best reasons to get the Chirp. This wireless beacon lets you get and store hints, count visitors, and set up a multi-cache with coordinates in one soft touch on just any compatible wireless-enabled Garmin handheld. This is basically a hit in Oregon, Dakota, and just all the recently proclaimed GPSMAP handhelds in the geocaching industry.

Garmin Chirp comes small in its 1.3- x 0.9-inches and less than an ounce weight but is definitely tough in built that will last. It is designed to fit in your wireless-enable Garmin handheld and cooperate. Once done, you can start downloading or uploading hints. You can already set up multicache coordinates and alert other geocachers nearby of your recent activity. They can access the hints you loaded and you will get a count of these visitors in your cache.

The Chirp by Garmin is password protected so you are the only one who can program and reprogram multicache coordinates. Geocachers nearby will only have the access to download all your hints but you will still get to know all about their ‘visits’. This wireless beacon is also made more durable and reliable as ‘real’ geocachers designed the gadget. It is battery-operated, which is intended to last up to a year so it’s really a highly practical navigation gadget. And did I say that this cool and reliable Garmin Chirp is priced at only $23, oh $22.99 to be exact?

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