Galatea SPA Chair

Are you sick and tired of sitting in front of your computer all day, dealing with a lot of pressure from work, answering phone calls and emails, and attending numerous meetings? No matter how stressful this can be, you can’t compromise it because that’s work. If you’re one of the workaholic geeks out there, don’t you think your body deserves a little pampering after a hectic working day at the office? When you get home, it pays a lot to chill out and relax using the Galatea Spa Chair.

This personal spa chair concept is designed to make you enjoy whirlpool spas and aromatherapy spas right at the comfort of your own home. Its designer, Verenice Macedo, said that this chair will come with a perfect blend of massage function and a visor type laser screen that conveniently wraps around your head. This laser touchscreen will provide you entertainment while your body is being massaged. Such screen will double as an E reader or computer monitor. To give you more privacy, this chair features an adjustable big dome that you can lower to cover your head.

What’s best is, Galatea will come equipped with electronic books, music player, internet access, TV and other features. It can be operated by means of voice commands. It also has a voice recognition receiver and speaker that is concealed behind the dome so it can talk to you and act according to command. Galatea’s body will be mostly made up of bamboo while the dome will come with brushed aluminum material. A soft matte leather material will wrap the set and the chair’s headrest.

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