FVexpress Combo 720p HD web VideoCam + Express card Solution

faceVsion has just announced the release of the much-awaited FVexpress Combo 720p HD web VideoCam + Express card Solution. And that’s good news to many laptop users. This compact HD VideoCam and express card kit that gives you an amazing 720p HD video chat experience via Google Talk and faceVision’s QuLives communications manager application. Unlike other HD webcams that can only send out HD locally, the FVexpress Combo offers full-motion 30fps 720p video online. This provides you with unmatched video chatting experience.

This new gadget from faceVsion comes equipped with the company’s compact FV Touch Cam L1 HD video camera that features wide-angle 28mm and up to 75 degree field-of-view lens. It also has a modern auto-focus/auto-brightness control. These features make this camera the proud recipient of the 2010 iF Design Award. Also included in the kit is an FVexpress card which you can slide into the laptop’s Express34 or mini PCIe card slot. This card also allows on-board hardware H.264 encoding of the HD video stream before you upload it online.

Moreover, the FVexpress Combo comes with QuLives communication manager software application that smoothly works with Google talk to facilitate HD video chatting sessions. Such software also helps in recording chat sessions, importing of Google Talk contacts and other functions. If you want to stay in touch with your family, friends, and loved ones, you can do it with 2-way life-like HD video chatting that can be made seamlessly via FVexpress Combo 720p HD web VideoCam + Express card solution. Check availability of this product, along with other HD webcams at Amazon.

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